The magic of decoration

Chromolithography :
Laying the George Sand decoration (right side) is a particularly delicate operation, as the chromo must perfectly follow the strawberry and leaf relief motifs on the form.

Raynaud never sacrifices the lengthy and meticulous operations required to manufacture a quality product.

The brushes - flat, stippler, liner, shader, mop, stencil - are made of ox or marten bristles. They are of course used for all the thin and extra thin lines, edgings and handle decorating.

Here on the bench, the painter's work table, the pieces are polished, the foliage is touched up, the medallions entirely re-worked by hand...

Hand-painting :
The thin gold or platinum lines, the gold decoration of the handles or hand-painted buttons are then sanded to obtain a matt and polished aspect. For the inlay or painting on relief techniques.