Trésor by Raynaud

Raynaud has unveiled its latest creation: a variation of patterns and colours opening up a multitude of superbly elegant table-setting possibilities.

Trésor by Raynaud

It all began with the creation of a new cup, inspired by creator Mariela Schwarz Montiel's discovery of a vintage model designed by Bertrand Raynaud's grandfather, Martial, in Raynaud's archives.


Its feminine form appealed to Mariela Schwarz Montiel, who decided to modernise its design, simplifying its voluptuous curves so as to retain only its essential generosity. The rest of the collection was then adapted in the same fluid and feminine spirit: flat, rimless plates, and shaped pieces – tea pots, tureens, dishes – that are sleek, delicate and generously proportioned. New pieces were also added: a large, deep plate, ideal for serving pasta or borscht, a cream soup cup with lid, a sublime sundae glass, and an elegant series of petit four dishes...


Three different patterns, each available in four colours, adorn these new creations like precious fabrics brought back from distant travels. Mariela Schwarz Montiel, a designer who usually creates sophisticated footwear and fashion accessories, drew her inspiration from sari fabrics and Indian tapestries, creations that she admires for their delicate prints and audacious combination of striking colours. Soft beige and frosty chestnut pieces are adorned with a honeycomb motif and inter-woven threads, some of which are underscored with gold, and complement brighter, more exotically-coloured pieces of strong turquoise and rich orange.


Motifs and colours can be mixed and matched, dressing a table with a sunburst of bright colours or pieces in similar hues, as preferred.


Discover "Trésor" here

Thursday, March the 15th, 2012