Raynaud, partner of ULTRAVIOLET - The Restaurant

The experimental restaurant is now open in Shanghai.

Raynaud, partner of ULTRAVIOLET - The Restaurant

Conceived by Paul Pairet, Ultraviolet is the first restaurant of its kind, attempting to unite food with multi-sensorial technologies in order to create a fully immersive dining experience.


A single table of ten seats only. A 20-course “Avant-Garde" set menu. All the guests sit together. The experience begins. Food leads. Dinner unfolds as a sensory play choreographed by chef Paul Pairet and the Ultraviolet Team.


No décor, no artifacts, no paintings, no views... Ultraviolet's dining room is ascetic by nature. Specifically equipped with multi sensorial high-end technology, the dining room is dressed-up by lights, sounds, music, scents... a cool air blow, an immersive projection, images and imagination... and food. Each course is enhanced with its own taste-tailored atmosphere.


Raynaud is proud of setting the unique table of Ultraviolet with its own china. More pictures on our Facebook Page.


More information about Ultraviolet and online reservation : WWW.UVBYPP.CC


Photo credit Scott Wright of Limelight Studio. 

Tuesday, June the 19th, 2012