Atlantide by Raynaud

Reminiscent of sunken treasure, antique porcelain, delicate yet intact, lying forgotten on the seabed...

Atlantide by Raynaud

This second collection created for Porcelaines Raynaud by fashion designer Mariela Schwarz-Montiel evokes the sophisticated pleating of clothes from ancient civilisations, which gracefully draped the female figure.

The pleated form of this pristine porcelain, swathed in an enamel veil that emphasises its pure lines, flows with sophisticated and controlled movement. The delicacy of Raynaud porcelain realistically reproduces the effect of draped fabric, crafted from a mould with a seamstress's accuracy.

This is a tribute to the magnificent gowns made by Madame Grès, the Parisian fashion designer who was inspired by ancient Greek statues and the graceful flow of their sculpted fabric.

The collection comprises of plates and a tea service and is complemented by three petit-four stands with twisted stems.


Atlantide is available in white, with gold filet or platinum filet.


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Tuesday, October the 1st, 2013