It's summer !

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It's summer !

Eggplant, carrot, green asparagus, endive, French caviar, turnip,

all photographed by Mathilde de l'Ecotais, curious and talented culinary photographer, decorated with numerous awards for culinary photography, and author of various books for Thierry Marx and Alain Ducasse.


The know-how of Porcelaines Raynaud combined with the talent of the photographer produced a series of limited edition plates, numbered and available in 300 box sets of dinner plates and 300 box sets of dessert plates.


Thierry Marx: “Mathilde de l'Ecotais sees, with her lens and above all with her mind, deep into the matter to extract all its subtle and sensual poetry.  Her pictures invite the viewer on an endless journey, without limits, between the structured and unstructured.  Mastered by her eye, the most mundane of vegetables becomes a work of abstract art."


Friday, June the 20th, 2014