Minéral Collection
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Minéral Collection

With an engraving pattern borrowed from nature, the Mineral motif dresses the wings of a very flat contemporary plate imagined by Thierry Cheyrou for Raynaud. The objects whose primary function can be diverted according to the imagination of each. Have fun with this collection’s manifold recipients, which will stimulate your creative instincts and offer a vast range of choices for presenting your dishes. It is available in a palette of 10 colors with earthy, vegetal or mineral accents, as well as 3 precious versions, particularly dazzling: yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.


Minéral Filet Or
Minéral Filet Platine
Minéral Irisé Ciel
Minéral Irisé Coquillage
Minéral Irisé Etain
Minéral Irisé Perle
Minéral Irisé Grège
Minéral Irisé Turquoise
Minéral Irisé Noir
Minéral Irisé Cuivre
Minéral Irisé Céladon
Minéral Irisé Nacre
Minéral Irisé Doré