Handling and Care

Porcelain is composed of three materials heated at 1400°C: 50% kaolin, 25% feldspar and 25% quartz. It is the hardest ceramic existing. It is not porous and is not attacked by grease or acid preparations. However, due to the variety of decoration and heating techniques used for our collections, it is important to respect some rules for the use and maintenance of your porcelain.
For the cleaning process
The use of the dishwasher is possible for all our collections, provided that the temperature does not exceed 60°C and that abrasive detergents are not used.

It is recommended to:

• Avoid leaving acidic residues on the plate and the dish for too long (marinades, vinaigrettes, sauces...) before starting the washing cycle.

• Choose detergents (without caustic soda or chlorine)

• Open the dishwasher door quickly enough to evacuate the steam after the end of the program.

Hand washing is still recommended to guarantee the perfect preservation of the decorations over time.

The use of a microwave oven
Decorations containing gold or platinum should not be used in the microwave because of the precious metals they contain.
For the care
It is recommended to:
• Not expose plates to friction, especially when stacking for storage.
• Not use bleach.
• Avoid thermal shock: it is advisable to avoid passing the porcelain directly from the refrigerator to the oven and vice versa.

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