Monceau Collection
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Monceau Collection

After the success of the Monceau filet gold and Monceau filet platinum collections, Raynaud offers thirteen colors to highlight the clean lines of the Uni shape. Mahogany brown, ultramarine blue, peacock blue, turquoise blue, lemon yellow, pearl gray, garnet red, mauve pink, empire green and jade green complement ink black, apricot orange and vermilion red for an elegant and varied palette. These pieces reinvent a modern and refined table and blend with the other Raynaud decors.


Monceau Platine

Monceau Orange Abricot

Monceau Rouge Vermillon

Monceau Bleu Outremer

Monceau Bleu Turquoise

Monceau Bleu Paon

Monceau Brun Acajou

Monceau Gris Perle

Monceau Jaune Citron

Monceau Noir d'Encre

Monceau Rouge Grenat

Monceau Rose Mauve

Monceau Vert Empire

Monceau Vert Jade