Custom-made creations

Because each table and each decoration is unique, 

Maison Raynaud can design a made-to-measure table for you.

Explore personalised refinement with Maison Raynaud

On request, we can personalise a service, a plate, a tureen or a mug to make it unique and exclusive, a true reflection of your style and personnality.

Each project will be studied in advance by our in-house design studio and quoted by our Customer Service department. 

Our personalisation services

You can add a personal touche to all our creations. Various personalisation options are available on all our service items: 

- Addition of a monogram
- Addition of a gold or platinum incrustation
- Change of colour
- Development of a made-to-measure decoration

Discover the magic of Anamorphosis

Anamorphosis is an artistic technique that consists of intentionally distorting an image so that it returns to its original form when viewed from a certain angle. This form of visual illusion awakens the imagination and provokes surprise.

What's special about our anamorphosis collection is that the patterns are mirrored in the platinum and gold of our cups, as the cup rests in its saucer.
Thanks to our craftsmanship and the precision of our design studio, we can create unique designs that evolve and trasnform before your very eyes, revealing hidden details and surprising patterns. 
The possibilities for personnalisation with anamorphosis are endless. You can chosse to incorporate portraits, landscapes, abstract motifs or even personal messages into your mugs. Whether it's for a special gift, a milestone event or simply to add a touch of originality to your everyday life, our anamorphosis mugs are the perfect choice

Our realisations

Addition of a monogram
Adding a gold or platinum inlay
Change of colour
Development of a
made-to-measure decoration

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