Mix & Match

Mix & Match or the art of mixing, an essential trend in tableware, offers countless possibilities for creating a unique table that reflects your taste, personality and mood of the moment. 

Mix & Match gives you total freedom to express your personal style and set an unforgettable table.

Dare to mix different collections, patterns and colours to create unique and surprising combinations.

Unlock your creativity

At Raynaud, we believe that beauty lies in the refinement of decor. With Mix & Match, you have the opportunity to play with an infinite palette of creations to create unique combinations. 

Let your imagination run wild with our different collections.

Our advice for a refined table

Whether you're new to design or have been passionate about tableware for many years, Maison Raynaud will be delighted to help you.

- Harmonise colours: Combine similar tones or create a bold contrast by marrying complementary colours. Bright colours reveal more traditional creations or scalloped shapes.

- Playing with patterns: Superimpose modern lines and floral designs and combine scalloped shapes with more contemporary lines.

- Balance textures: Combine matt finishes with glossy details for a table full of character. Engraved porcelain creations such as Minéral or Italian Renaissance create a subtle contrast with the other collections in the Maison Raynaud catalogue.

Our inspirations

Trésor Bleu, Cristobal Marine
& Paradis Blanc
Mazurka Or Fond Turquoise, Trésor Fleuri Magnolia
& Pépite Irisée Nacre
Salamanque Or
& Imari
Trésor Orange
& Harmonia Blanc

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