Raynaud & Aurore de la Morinerie

" When Maison Raynaud contacted me, I was obviously thrilled by their interest in my work, and above all I was delighted to be able to work with porcelain and discover their factory. "

Aurore de la Morinerie

With her talent and sensitivity, Aurore has brought to life marine plains and abyssal depths, creating unique and bewitching pieces in which indigo blues blend with the unrivalled white of Limoges porcelain.Abysses the movie

Our inspirations

Raynaud has been creating poetic porcelain for a century.

Always in search of elegance, generosity and excellence. A poetic vision guides all the stages of the creation of the collections which surprise by their sophistication, their narrative richness and the expressiveness of each of their pieces.

A distinction expressed by the profusion of colors.

But also the subtle nuances that make up the palettes, a variety, the finesse of the patterns and the precision in the placement of each piece. The requirement is the key word and directs the creation and the production of a porcelain with the extreme refinement.

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Raynaud and you

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The Raynaud house combines refinement, finesse and exclusivity to offer exceptional pieces, fashioned to the taste of each of its customers. Based on ancestral expertise enriched by aesthetic cultures from around the world, Raynaud sublimates the art of porcelain.

100% Limoges porcelain