Tolède Collection
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Tolède Collection

The Tolede collection is inspired by the plant motifs found on silverware and cutlery with engraved handles made in 16th century Toledo, Spain. Flowers and foliage in gold or platinum, linked together by vines and scrolls, create an extremely elaborate and precious theme that dresses up each piece in a unique way. This festive service is offered with a frieze of inlays using the same motif. The rich color palette ranges from turquoise to red, white, green, black and ivory.


Tolède Platine
Tolède Or Prestige
Tolède Platine Prestige
Tolède Or Fond Ivoire
Tolède Or Fond Noir
Tolède Or Fond Rouge
Tolède Or Fond Turquoise
Tolède Or Fond Vert
Platine Fond Ivoire
Platine Fond Noir
Platine Fond Rouge
Platine Fond Turquoise
Platine Fond Vert